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Kashmiri Fragrant Rice


Mushk Budji Rice is short bold aromatic rice grown in higher reaches of Kashmir valley. The cooked rice is unique and possesses harmonious blend of taste, aroma and rich organoleptic properties.

Serve plain fragrant cooked rice to make even plain simple rice special and festive!


A short-grain fragrant rice with a resplendent aroma, Mushk Budji is sure to bring new taste and aroma to your dining table!

Serve it with Kashmiri Warimuth or Kashmiri Rajma; or serve it with any curried dish.

It is grown in the Kashmir valley and was once a must-have on the marriage menus in the state. It is mainly is grown in areas of Sagam, Panzgam and Soaf Shali of district Anantnag and Beerwah belt of district Budgam.

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